Welcome! SheWrites Blogger Ball Redux

Ballroom in Viften, Rødovre, 12 January 2019

Hello SheWriters and non-SheWriters!

Welcome to my blog about creative nonfiction, the essay, biography, and lifewriting. Here you’ll find thoughts on these forms, contest announcements, calls for submissions and mini book reviews (under the heading “Life-blood”).

OK, so as part of the blog tour, some of you are posting 10 factoids about yourselves. It’s not generally my kind of thing, but I don’t want to be a party pooper, so here goes:

1. I’m very good with small creatures and plants. Stray cats and tomatoes thrive in my care.

2. I have no sense of direction, but do OK with maps.

3. I love listening to wedding speeches.

4. I spend the majority of my days alone in my study, yet I’m rarely lonely.

5. I love red wine.

6. …and tea. But not together.

7. I’ve become a horribly light sleeper, and need earplugs to feel rested most of the time.

8. I’m alarmed at how much my hands suddenly look like my mother’s.

9. I always dreamed of writing novels, but it turns out that I’m actually a writer of nonfiction. (Working on book #3).

10. I’m not that old, but already I have to do math to remember my age.

Stay a while, enjoy and explore. I’ll come visit you too!



[Photo: Jan Jespersen]

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10 Replies to “Welcome! SheWrites Blogger Ball Redux”

  1. I’m loving this Writers’ Redux…it’s a great way to find other wonderful blog sites. I look forward to spending some time on your site – it looks to be very informative and interesting!


  2. Hello – stopping by from the She Writes blogger ball.
    It looks like you have quite a broad array of resources to share here! I’m looking forward to exploring everything.

    Nice to “meet” you.


  3. Meg, that’s very sweet and unexpected. As someone who has written one book on terrorism and assassination, a second on the Holocaust, and who is working on a third on forced exile to and slave labour in Siberia, funny is not really something I think of myself as being. I like it though. It’s the nicest thing I heard (read) today. Thank you.

  4. Like you I was shooting for fiction, mostly I think because I did not want to own parts of my life. But the memoir journey is turning ot to be more enlightening than embarrassing. I’m going to request we be SheWrites friends. Thanks for being here.

  5. Hello – I am stopping in as part of the blogger ball, and am delighted to have found such a gem. Congratulations on your continued success! I will look forward to returning here often.

  6. Julija, So nice to meet you on your own turf. The Blogger Ball has been a wonder way of getting to know each other. Please do stop by my place.

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