“And I burned with shame”

The Testimony of Ona Šimaitė, Righteous Among the Nations. A Letter to Isaac N. Steinberg. (Yad Vashem, 2007)

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“A vivid picture of the first turbulent days in a totally overcrowded space.” — Joachim Tauber, Journal of Baltic Studies.

About “And I burned with shame”

“And I burned with shame” is a translation of a long and detailed piece of Holocaust testimony from Russian (Yad Vashem, 2007). In her letter to the ideologue Isaac Nachman Steinberg, the librarian, Holocaust rescuer and former Dachau prisoner, Ona Šimaitė, details whom she aided in the Vilna Ghetto, what she witnessed there, and how she managed to carry out her courageous mission. It is a rare view of the Vilna Ghetto seen through the eyes of a visitor from outside its walls.