Anachronism by Fouquier


“Pregnant Pause: On Šimaitė, Archives,Writing and Motherhood.” This piece tells of a love triangle of sorts between a mother, her baby, and her biographical subject. It ponders the riddle of how to be both a mother and a writer.

“My link to the past is gone.” An elegiac essay on the passing of a beloved maternal grandmother.

“Lietuvių kilmės rašytojos J.Šukys namuose Monrealyje skamba trijų kalbų mišinys.” Translation of “Alphabet fusion.”

“Brovka: Reconstructing a Life in Tatters (My Grandmother’s Journey).” An exploratory essay that reads the letters of a Lithuanian woman exiled alone to Siberia for seventeen years.

“Ona Šimaitė and the Vilnius Ghetto: An Unwritten Memoir.” A piece from the early stages of my work on Epistolophilia, a book about Vilnius University librarian and Holocaust rescuer. This essay works through the problem of an archive that is simultaneously silent and verbose.

“Lost and Found in Vilna: Letters From a Librarian.” Translations of Ona Šimaitė’s letters.

[Photo: Fouquier]